How to Know When Its Time to Repipe Your Houston Home?

5 Signs Its Time to Repipe

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If your homes plumbing consists of old galvanized pipes, a repipe is eventually inevitable. Discover the tell tell signs it is time to repipe your home. If your home as Polybutylene or Lead, you should replace immediately. Polybutylene is an extremely fragile system that fails easily which can result in costly damage to your home. Lead is toxic to humans.

Leaky Pipes

One of the most noticeable and potentially costly signs that your Houston home plumbing has aged out is leaky pipes. A number of situations can cause leaky pipes. If the issue is localized to one area, then it may just be a single compromised pipe or joint segment. However, if leaky pipes are a generalized problem coupled with other signs, then now is the time to repipe.

Loss of Water Clarity

Another obvious sign your pipes are starting to rust and corrode is water discoloration. Is your water rusty colored when you first turn on the faucet? This means there is damage or corrosion on the interior of your pipes and it is time to replace the plumbing. The water may also have and odor and poor taste.

Pipe Corrosion

If you have exposed water lines with visible signs of corrosion, then it’s likely time for a whole house repipe.

Low Water Pressure

What is the water pressure like when you turn on a faucet or use the shower? Does it last or does it decrease over time? Has your water pressure been gradually decreasing? If this is the case, then there may be corrosive buildup in your pipes and its time to consider pipe replacement.

Difficulty with Temperature Adjustments

A symptom of aging or corroding galvanized pipes is problems regulating water temperature. If this is a persistent problem, its time.

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