Considering a Remodel?  Consider Your Plumbing First

Caucasian Tiles Installer

When you think about remodeling your home, you likely think of paint colors, lighting fixtures, beautiful flooring, and more aesthetics. Many homeowners often neglect to make sure that the pipes and plumbing system are in good shape before cosmetic remodeling begins. Its just not on the forefront of our minds unless it’s a current problem.

This oversight could ruin your new room that you just paid thousands to beautify, if you have unforeseen plumbing issues. Re-piping your home before remodeling will prevent the chance of a pipe leaking behind a new wall or appliance and causing damage that requires drywall repair or tile removal. Also low water flow from old pipes can damage your shiny new high-end appliances by not providing the proper amount and quality of water needed to operate properly.

By beginning your kitchen or bath remodel with a whole-house repipe, you are saving the money that you would be spending in the future to repair a future leak. Plus, a repipe improves the lifespan of your fixtures and increases the value of your home. We Do Repipes Inc’s whole-house repipes come with a peace of mind warranty, which includes a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime warranty on labor.

If your home is over 15 years old, has galvanized pipes, or low quality copper, contact We Do Repipes to determine whether a whole house repipe is right for you.