The Repiping Process

Re-piping is a process of replacing the water supply pipes in a house or building. It is a complete replacement of your supply plumbing system. Repiping is a process of installing a new water line plumbing system. This process usually includes removing old readily accessible pipes and then installing the new plumbing system.  Standard repiping projects include installation of all new hot and cold domestic water piping from the water source to all existing faucets and fixtures. Unless specifically included in the proposal, drain replacement and fixtures are not included. 

 There are several reasons you may need to repipe your home or business. Corrosion of pipes may cause low water pressure, rusty colored water, reduced water flow, or leaks. If you are going to remodel it is a good time to repipe before you paint or finish your walls. It may be a good idea to get any needed repipe done before putting your home on the market. It is important to understand the scope of the project before work is started. If you notice an isolated leak or a small portion of your existing piping leaking, or valves that are corroded or cracked, it is quite possibly an indication of a larger problem.


Prep work

A repipe is more involved than fixing a clogged toilet or even repairing a single pipe. With a repipe, you will be replacing your entire water supply system in your home. In order to access your water lines, holes will need to be cut in your drywall and sometimes other areas. Drywall creates some dust when cut, so care should be taken to cover your furniture. At the time of your home evaluation, we will inform you of the areas that will likely need access. The belongings below the vanities should be removed.Our plumbers will pull any necessary permits required from the city, already included in the cost of your repipe. Your water will be turned off as work begins. Many repipes can be completed in 1 day, but some may take longer depending on complexity and size of the home. You will know upfront how long your home is estimated to take. Regardless, you will have water every evening.


the repipe

Now its time for our repiping plumbers to remove your old failing plumbing system and replace it with new pex or copper piping. This will include them accessing rooms wherever you have plumbing fixtures, the kitchen, baths, wet bar areas and the attic in most cases. In some cases it is better to get access to your plumbing from a different room. We Do Repipes will always take care to move through your home with care and inform you in advance of your repipe plan.

Professional contractor plastering wall

Finishing work

This is the process of ensuring everything is operating as it should. Your plumbing system is tested for integrity and all are connections are checked. A professional site inspection is critical to a successful repipe. Once the plumbing system is inspected and given a green light, its time to clean up the mess. Its time to patch the holes in the wall and repaint After the new piping system is installed the water is turned back on, the system is pressure tested and then flushed out. The repiping process takes 1-3 days to install the new piping system. After the actual plumbing replacement is complete, there will be some necessary wall repair. Unless you opted to do your own drywall patching, this will be done in the final phase of your repipe.